Why should your son attend Boys To Men Community Charter School?

A study by the Shott Foundation (November 2012) found that 91% of African American and 90% of Hispanic males did not graduate with their cohorts. Of the school districts in that study, the Rochester City School District (RCSD) had the lowest graduation rate in the nation. This data makes it evident that male students in the City of Rochester are particularly at risk of dropping out of school. Boys To Men Community Charter School feels that the best way to respond to this trend is to serve an all male population.

Within the school setting, Boys To Men Community Charter School’s programs will address social and environmental issues as well as low motivation that affect many RCSD students. It is our conviction that a small, individualized setting will promote the development of skills that young males need to succeed academically and personally. We will address the effects of economic hardship and peer pressure because these issues undermine the academic success of Rochester’s youth, especially underrepresented males. Boys To Men Community Charter School will serve male students in grades 6-12. In our opening year, we will serve 186 young men, grades 6, 7, and 8.

Here’s What We Offer …
  • Extended school year – 220 days
  • Extended School day – 8am – 6pm
  • Structured after-school learning activities
  • Systematized homework assistance
  • Saturday School
  • Summer Enrichment Academy
  • School Provided Laptops
  • Self-Contained Middle School classes
  • Teen Justice Court
  • Parent Investment Program
  • Electronic Student Portfolios
  • College and Career Learning Planning
  • Real World Internships
  • Early Entry College Programs
  • Certificate of Employability
  • Community Partnerships

For additional information, please click to view our Fact Sheet or our Executive Summary.